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21 Dec

Chinese Acupunture Camp was successful held on December 18th 2018 at DCWC Community Hospital with the support of Care & Support Association.Total numbers of Patients served were 236:Among them Female 173 & Male 63. So far we were able to serve patients from seven different villages as listed below:The distance is from DCWC Community Hospital.

  • Nagre,
  • Darga - 1 hr walk distance,
  • Majhipheda - 2 hrs walk distance,
  • Bangthali - 3 hrs walk distance,
  • kattike Deurali - 6 hrs walk distance,
  • Punditaar - 1hr walk distance,
  • Dhuseni-5hrs walk.

A huge thanks to our medical team, volunteers and to Acupuncture Specialists from Care & Support Association.