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pal was already one of the poorest counties in the world when, in 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated the country. The earthquake left 9,000 dead and left almost an entire nation with homes damaged beyond repair. It came and took away what little the country had and reduced it to rubble. Around 80% of Nepalese live in rural areas. Most have little or no access to primary health care, education, clean drinking water and sanitation services. Life is a constant struggle for survival. Some poor families in Nepal are often obliged to send their children to work rather than to school. It is estimated that about one quarter of children in Nepal between four and five years old are engaged in some kind of family or wage labor. Less than half of the population has access to safe drinking water and around half young children are underweight. The average life expectancy in Nepal is about 54 years. This is mainly due to the lack of clean water, poverty and unavailability of basic health care. Most of these homes in the villages still stand. The earthquake didn’t demolish them. They just left them broken beyond repair. We aim to help those who have suffered to rebuild their lives and their homes. We are working on many different rebuilding, health and educational projects to help them recover from the earthquake and give them the tools and opportunities to go forward. Help us to bring back some dignity to those left with nothing. Together we can get the beautiful people of Nepal back on their feet and give them the tools and the fund they needed desperately. Over three years have passed since the catastrophic earthquake of April 2015. Many houses remain standing still and from a distance they look fine, but from closer view they are damaged and cracked badly. Since then Government of Nepal introduced earthquake resistant building practice and given specific guidelines.

 The government has offered up grants to help rebuild but the amounts are woefully inadequate due to spiraling costs in building materials. The villagers cannot make up the shortfall as result they could not build house. Our plan is to help rebuild the area in and around the village of Rajabash.

 These are the samples provided by Government of Nepal


1st Phase, we have already started with five houses rebuilding process in the center of the village (Rajabash). We are hoping our target of $20,000 will be enough to top up the grants provided by the government. The village people themselves will make a contribution worth around $3000, which includes materials from their existing building and the unskilled labor support to back up the skilled labor. To be fair, all the families are supported equal amount needed for same style house. These houses will be earthquake resistant and traditional design (unlike the city house). Within the brickwork are framed structures, which hold the building together in the case of a further earthquake. We need your support to help them resettle and bring their life back to normal. We Plan to build 32 houses. Please support us to help these people. 

1st House - December, 2019

 2nd House - December, 2019

3rd House - December, 2019

 4th House - December, 2019 

 5th House - December, 2019