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23 Jul

Congratulations to Priti Maya Shrestha and Thal Bahadur Shrestha on the birth of their cute and healthy baby! It must have been a challenging experience, but thanks to the efforts and dedication of the health workers of DCWC Community Hospital, everything turned out well.

It's heartwarming to hear that the worried faces of the parents turned into relief and happiness upon the safe arrival of their baby. Due to extreme pain at midnight, She went to Healthpost and  was inspected and observed by the healthworkers, but due to complications and observation for 3 hours, healthworker concluded and told that they are unable to do normal delivery and suggested to go to another hospital as soon as possible.They came to DCWC Community hospital at July-22-2023 (2080/04/06) early morning around 6:00 AM. After 2 hours of hard work and commitment, around 8:28 AM a cute baby took birth.
The doctors and nurses deserve special appreciation for their hard work and commitment to ensuring a successful delivery.

As per the update, the baby will be observed for 24 hours before being discharged, ensuring that everything is alright before they go home.

May this new addition to the family bring joy and blessings to Priti Maya Shrestha and Thal Bahadur Shrestha and their entire community in Doramba rural municipality ward no-6, Ramechhap. Wishing them all the best on their journey of parenthood!