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Volunteering means to support for the needy poor people who are being deprived and unapproachable for better opportunities. It can be done by various means like by providing funds or by providing time or by providing skills. We welcome anybody who are interested to contribute to the poor community as a volunteer.

The following are the areas of volunteering:
  • Medical personnel can carry work in community hospital
  • Teachers can teach English, science, mathematics, arts or games in community school.
  • To share cultures, lesson learnt and practices of life in Nepal.
  • To contribute clothes and other materials to the community.Making donations for infrastructures, skill development, awareness raising activities etc.
  • Sponsoring children to develop their education and more.


YesNo(if applicable you can attach a copy of insurance)

Visitors are requested to donate certain amount for their food and accommodation at host family/organization/local tea house and rest of the money will be deposited in Charity Fund. Travel cost and other expenses should be born by visitor.No alcohol, No smoking and unethical activities inside the premises fo DCWC Community Hospital.

(@ Euro 10 per day per person or more as you desire)

I understand the above information truly and obey the rules and regulation of the host organization.