Mission, Goal & Objectives

The DCWC hospital will be accessible, affordable and sustainable with high quality medical care for the villagers in this remote area.

Goal: To improve the health status of poor and marginalized people living in rural areas with special health service interventions.

Objectives: The DCWC Community Hospital aims to:

  • Provide general and specialized curative health care services to poor and marginalized people through the community hospital.
  • Provide basic preventive services such as family planning, immunization and health awareness activities to patients and surrounding communities.
  • Establish general health service centre and establish a referral system to urban hospitals for further treatment.
  • Provide appropriate quality treatment services for both in- and outpatient care.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with government agencies and concerned stakeholders/donors to strengthen our unity in the fight against disease.

News and Events

  • Health Camp 2016

    Health Camp 2016 focused on General Check and Dental Care, coordinated with Lions Club of Kathmandu. Thank you Lions Club

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