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Ongoing Projects

DCWC Nepal has conducted different types of social development and community benefitted works in the rural places of Nepal to mitigate their needs in some extent. The following are the works ongoing by this social organization in the community:

  • Conduction of Women literacy classes in Bhaktapur and Kavre districts of Nepal from 2002 to 2007.
  • Distribution of clothes – we have collected clothes both new and used from Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic and United States and distributed to the remote community to make them warm and happy. This work is continuing till date.
  • Construction of community school buildings – we basically construct school buildings in remote and poor community having no access to draw donors to build their schools. The following are the school buildings constructed by these organizations in different districts of Nepal.

Name of School: Siddhartha Primary School
Location: Gaushwara VDC ward no. 3, Chharpa, Ramechhap district.
Donated by: Namaste Nepal (DCWC Nepal), Czech Republic

A. A 15 bed DCWC Community Hospital is in operation having medical staffs lead by Medical Doctor and equipped with X-ray, Lab Facilities, Pharmacy, 24 hour Emergency, OPD and In Patient services. Now MODUS is providing the operations costs for the hospital since 2010. The extension and improvement plans are still in progress. For this we kindly announce to the donor organizations and personnel to help this hospital for the better life of the poor community.

B. Children Sponsorship Program – This program is running since 2007 with the kind support from the citizens of Czech Republic. More than 200 children are directly benefiting from this education project. In this project, children are being helped by providing full stationeries, school uniforms, shoes and others cschool fees and primary medications. This project is ongoing till now. We are planning to reach more poor children in the remote parts of Nepal to enrich the education in the community.

C. Volunteering Opportunities – Anyone can apply for volunteer work in Nepal in the field of teaching, training, medical services and social organizations. We used to manage volunteer people in the villages to benefit the rural community as per the interest and skill of the volunteers.

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